Last update: 26th November 2012
Photo: Gregor Schneider: UdK Berlin
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Gregor Schneider

Gregor Schneider, born in Rheydt in 1969, assumed professorship in sculpting at UdK (faculty of the arts) Berlin.
The cross-border room will be the central topic of his teaching. One of the planned class projects is to develop a transportable and mobile classroom between 2009 and 2012. This mobile "Flying Classroom" should visit different places world wide and connect its headquarters at UdK with all the borders it crosses. This room should be a platform for students; a classroom, a room for experiments and research, as well as a cross-border exhibition space in which artistic practice can be experienced. This project will benefit from Gregor Schneider's experience in international exhibitions as well as his teachings in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen. Rooms are the focal point of Gregor Schneider's work.